The enigma! Charly Boy was born Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, on June 19, 1951)

He was born to a Supreme Court Judge, Late Justice C. A Oputa and his amiable wife Mrs. Margret Oputa both of blessed memory.

A musical genius yet a man of many feathers.

Sometimes referred to as CB,‘His Royal Punkness’ The People’s General’  ‘Area Fada’.  the Odudubariba 1 of Africa: the president of all frustrated Nigerians


Being one of Nigeria’s most Controversial entertainers, he has led a pretty controversial life, showing Nigerians that living as your true and authentic self is the only way to truly live.

The Music

Charly Boy’s released his first album in 1982.

He will later attain greater success with the release of his masterpiece Nwata Miss in 1985 with Polygram Nigeria.

However, his most popular album was the album called 1990, the title was a reference to Nigeria’s corrupt military government was expected to hand over power to civilians in that year.

1990 earned Charly Boy mixed reviews due to its political nature and caused a national controversy making a number of radio stations refuse to play the title track. Despite this, 1990 was one of Nigeria’s best-selling albums of 1988, and Charly Boy was credited with using his music to stand up to his government, a lá Fela Kuti.

A music royalty in his right, Charly Boy stayed highly significant in the music industry releasing hit records after hit records to the delight of his ever-loyal fans.

In recent years, Charly Boy has worked on several collaborations with his cousin Dr. Alban, most notably on the song “Carolina” which sampled an earlier hit of Dr. Alban’s – “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” – and had originally featured singer Michael Rose. The re-worked version was sung in Nigerian Pidgin and was a hit in Nigeria. The pair also recorded the songs Work Work Africa and Commercial Waste

Charly Boy was the President of The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (2002-2004)

  • He reawakened a once moribund association and made it the darling of corporate Nigeria.
  • He activated Programs that enhanced the lot of Nigerian musicians and brought respect to the music industry and its players.
  • He fought for Copyright laws to ensure the intellectual properties of Nigerian artistes were protected
  • Introduced the Big money in entertainment, and campaigned vigorously for Nigerian artistes to have more airplay’s on radio, night clubs and television at a time when Nigerian content was only 20%.
  • He midwifed the first international contract between a foreign artiste and a Nigerian.
  • He was instrumental to MTV activation in Nigeria.
  • He took PMAN to a respectable and enviable dimension, serving only one term(2yrs).

The Charly Boy Persona

Charly Boy is well known for his change of image which started with androgyny at the start of his music career. His preference for make-up, relaxed and braided hairstyles, and “women’s clothes” caused controversy among conservative Nigerians.

Towards the late eighties, Charly Boy, with the help of stylist and fellow singer/songwriter Tyna Onwudiwe who had featured on Nwata Miss, created a new persona for himself which consisted of attire from the punk era including leather jackets and boots, images of himself on power bikes, a mohawk which he would subsequently dye an array of colors, and a new direction in music, combining African pop and Afrobeat.

A pioneer in Nigeria’s short-lived punk movement, he soon earned the unofficial title His Royal Punkness, and renamed his Lagos residence The Punk Palace.

In the late nineties, Charly Boy began to wear his hair in dreadlocks and adopted a goth image, acquiring piercings and tattoos which were frowned on by society who viewed his modification as Satanic and occultist. In 2012, he introduced his fans to Linda, his female alter ego. Charly Boy continues to sport the goth look, and in 2014 he shaved off his dreadlocks due to a thinning hairline.


His evolution over decades of popularity, stunts and notoriety goes far beyond what any Hollywood writer can consider plausible.

Charly Boy is known for his constant re-invention of imagery, he became famous for his publicly defiant appearances a sort of anarchist often showing the middle finger to the political establishment. He amazed some …He wowed most…. putting himself on the line as the voice of the voiceless.

The Love for Power Bikes

The name Charly Boy is also very synonymous with power bikes.


Known for relentlessly flaunting his love for the “Okada Nation” Charly Boy is clearly a power bike fanatic.

Always glad to show off his amazing big boy toys, CB never ceases to turn heads with his collection of power bikes.

Never seen driving a car, Charly Boy is clearly head over heels in love with power bikes, leading power bike stunt sessions, championing Okada riders’ courses and even releasing a hit track about power bikes….


Charly Boy is clearly the King of African bike riders………no contest.

The Tv Shows & Production

For almost two decades CB produced two of Nigeria’s most popular television shows: The Charly Boy Show & Zoom Time. Also, under his belt was the production of an amazing kid’s show called The Charly Boy Kiddies Show. He will later become a judge on the highly rated musical TV show called The Nigerian Idol back in 2012.


Charly Boy is known as an advocate of the masses as he has fought for the rights of the average Nigerian. He has on several occasions been tortured by the Nigerian police and the military for standing up to his country’s government. However, he is also, on occasion, regarded as their friend, depending on the sensibility of those in power. An inspirational writer, Charly Boy focuses on various subjects in several newspapers including The Daily Post and his own publication Charly Boy Magazine, and has been known to write slogans on rocks in Abuja where he currently resides. An avid supporter of Okada riders in Nigeria – an organization that has been frowned on by government as they have been regarded as a menace and unsafe transportation – he has fought for the rights of Okada users – most of whom are poor individuals who earn their living by using the Okada for commercial purposes; he also stated that operators play a prominent role in government as most politicians engage their services during campaigns.

In the mid-nineties Charly Boy fought for the rights of military pensioners by marching to Defense headquarters in Abuja to demand payment of their pension arrears. He has also fronted campaigns for Nigerian Widows, and Is the founder of the Save Nigeria from Nigeria campaign during the last presidential election. During the Fuel Subsidy protest in 2012, he was arrested alongside six other activists for civil disobedience.

He was one of the celebrities who organized fundraisers to support his old friend Tyna Onwudiwe who would later die of lung cancer.


Charly Boy’s music has always been a national talking-point. Among the tracks on the album “1990” was “Big Bottom”, a tribute to the female derriere. The accompanying video, deemed X-rated was banned and the audio later denied airplay by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission on the grounds of obscenity.

As with The Kenny Everett Show which featured dance troupe Hot Gossip, The Charly Boy Show was widely criticized for being overtly sexual – Charly Boy’s dancers (known as “Charly’s Angels”) were often shown clothed in S&M outfits and brandishing whips. His political views on the show also came under fire – he would slate Nigeria’s military rulers who were accused of corrupting the system.

Charly Boy’s most controversial act was in 2010 when he was interviewed by E 24-7 magazine alongside equally maverick Channel O presenter Denrele. The article, which was captioned “Yes, I Love Denrele” featured photographs which saw the pair in a number of suggestive poses including what appeared to be a passionate kiss. As homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, the pictures sparked rumors that they were a gay couple, a claim they continue to deny, stating that the pictures were for publicity.

The Return

Charly Boy took a break from Music as it were but the King is back!!!

Playing conscious music like never before.

This maverick entertainer is back big time!!

Lets all enjoy the return of the matte