The enigma! Charly Boy

Sometimes referred to as CB,‘His Royal Punkness’ The People’s General’ ‘Area Fada’ he is currently the self-acclaimed President of all Frustrated Nigerians. Being one of Nigeria’s most Controversial entertainers, he has led a pretty controversial life, showing Nigerians that living as your true and authentic self is the only way to truly live.




The Musician
The Family  Man
The Activist
The philanthropist


Charly Boy is well known for his change of image which started with androgyny at the start of his music career. His preference for make-up, relaxed and braided hairstyles, and “women’s clothes” caused controversy among conservative Nigerians.

A pioneer in Nigeria’s short-lived punk movement, he soon earned the unofficial title His Royal Punkness, and renamed his Lagos residence The Punk Palace.